#9 Grilled-Fish Smoke Tragedy

“Knock.. knock..!!!” someone was knocking the door. Wondering, who is the person that coming at night? When I woke up and opened the door, a strange-boy was standing “Sir, may I grill some fishes over there?” He said while pointed toward the front corner of my house. “Oh, sure!” my answear, then I closed the door after he went away.

That night I was sleepy little bit earlier, after Maghrib shalah I didnt go any where, just stayed at home, chatted with my wife and sons. We chatted many kind of topics as usual, but there was something unusual happened at that night. Yes, our home got smell of smoke. While got the motorcycle home, I saw the smoke came from the grilled fishes.

My wife said diassapointedly “We dont get the fish, but we get the smoke, bammer!”. It’s Oke Hon, maybe he didnt know that his grilled-fishes smoke get into the house and annoyed us. Be patient, may Alloh gives the best for us.

Note : Sorry kalo belepotan, lagi persiapan tes IELTS nih sebulan lagi, so sering2 latihan writting 😀


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